About Us


We’re Sarah and Rick. We love motorbikes, travel and challenging our perceptions.

In May 2014 we embarked on our first big adventure together, riding our motorcycles from Vancouver, BC to Panama City. Our journey took us through 8 countries covering over 11,000km. For us travel is not just a passion, but a privilege. Since then, our explorations have taken us all over the world, and most recently South America, Africa and India. Combining our passions in journalism and photography, we strive to share experiences that are insightful, humanist and meaningful.

We also strive to help brands, nonprofits, and travel/tourism organizations improve their digital experiences. Available for assignment, our ambition is to create well researched, compelling and educational editorial and social media content for your audience.  Blending history, ecology, sociology and some fun, we aim to entertain, but spread a little knowledge too.

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