We were a little sad to leave Moab today. It’s easily one of those kinds of places that you can spend weeks exploring and having fun. We will be back!

Today’s goal was to get to some where in central New Mexico. Our route took us South on Hwy 191 then over to Hwy 491 which had us riding through the bottom corner of Colorado. A weather system had locked onto this part of the country causing cooler temperatures and overcast skies. It wasn’t long before we were needing some warming up. We came across a very, very small town called Dove Creek which has a true roadside gem, Deb’s Diner. It was completely empty but the coffee was hot and the scrambled eggs were fresh. Can’t go wrong with that.

After our pit stop, we followed the road until we connected with Hwy 161 which took us through an unusual little town called Mancos. We spotted a motorcycle repair shop that specialized in BMW’s and thought we would pop in and see if anyone had any thoughts about Rick’s wonky computer. There was no revelations to be had, other than to restart the system and see what happens. On the plus side, we met some other riders from the area and chatted bike trips for a bit before heading off.

Soon, we were changing course again and started to head due South on Highway 550. This road has not much of anything. In fact it was so desolated we started to get worried at one point about when the next town would be? We found ourselves in the middle of a Navajo reservation with several oil refineries in the area. On the plus side the roads were well paved asphalt (free oil?)  Otherwise we counted the minutes until we would reach out next town, which brings us to Cuba.

This place is an anomaly. On one had it’s a shit hole, and on the other it has its hidden gems. For example our motel from the outside looks depressing and kinda bland. Inside it’s immaculate and has wifi and satellite TV. The people who run it obviously care about the place. Then there was dinner at El Bronco’s. Again, from the outside you aren’t sure what to expect, but when you walk in it’s incredibly homey and the food was fantastic. The woman who owns the place even came around and asked everyone if they were enjoying their meals. So a standard lesson here is that you can’t always judge a book by its cover. I mean, usually you can when it comes to shit hole towns, but there are surprises at every corner.

Tomorrow, we’re going to blaze our way to Texas with a brief stop in Roswell in hopes of catching some kitschy Alien swag to stick on the bikes.

End Transmission
Sarah + Rick

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