Nuestra Routa

Only three more sleeps to go before we depart. We’ve been getting asked a ton of questions the past few days, but the most common are what’s your route? Are you ready?

The route down to the Mexican border has but one objective – get to the desert heat. We felt that it would take us too long to wind along the coastal roads instead opting to cross the Cascades in Washington and make our way to where the sky gets big.

Washington and Idaho will be a bit of a blur, but once we get into Utah we’ll start to enjoy the scenery a bit more with stops at the Bonneville Salt Flats and a day off in Moab at Moab Under Canvas . Then it’s onward into New Mexico via Roswell, then into Texas through the little known town of Uvalde.

We’re crossing into Mexico through Nuevo Laredo. We’ve got lots of great advice around which routes to take South if you’re destined for the Yucatan. Almost everyone said the highway south of McAllen (Route 101/180) was industrial and heavy with truck traffic. The scenery is apparently pretty bland. So instead, we’re really looking forward to Route 85 South and stopping in places like Xilitla. It’s the home of Las Pozas (the pools), an eccentric sculptural garden in the rainforest.

After soaking up the humidity of the rainforest we’ll begin heading East towards the coast for Veracruz. From there we’ll wind our way along with stops in Palenque, Merida then eventually Playa Del Carmen, where we’re attending a wedding for Rick’s brother. After a good rest and a great deal of beer, we’ll be back on the road making our way to central Mexico through Puebla and San Miguel de Allende. We’ve got a good friend from Vancouver hanging out there, so we’re looking forward to catching up with her.

After San Miguel de Allende we start heading West to San Blas. This little fishing village comes highly recommended by a friend of ours who has done lots of camping and surfing the in the area. After our little break here it’s North to Mazatlan where we get a ferry to La Paz.

Our time in the Baja is going to be pretty fleeting. We don’t have many days, so the goal is to make our way steadily North with a nice break in Ensenada. Then sadly it’ll be time to say bye to Mexico as we cross into California and start making our way home through Central California via highway 395.

As for the last question, are we ready? We’re as ready as we’ll ever be. It’s been fun planning, preparing and packing for this journey — but now we’re ready to get going.


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