Texassssss! Today turned out to be some of the best riding we’ve had on the trip, so far. Sunny skies, calm winds and light traffic. It was a long haul from Cuba, NM to Pecos, TX which took us through some cool landscapes, lots of small derelict little towns and roads that were long and straight for as far as they eye can see. Never thought I’d ever say I’d be into that.

As we headed South, we made a detour around Albuquerque to avoid all the icky morning traffic on the I25. Our goal was to connect with the I40 on the East side of the city, but we missed a turn and suddenly found ourselves on the legendary Route 66. It wasn’t exactly the most scenic ride, but it had a quality to it that made you appreciate its historical significance. All good things come to and end and we hit a literal dead end with the 66, so it was back on the I40 until cutting South onto the 285.

Along this route were mostly farm towns and signs of oil drilling and processing started to become more apparent. Food isn’t exactly easy to come by in the middle of nowhere, but we did happen upon this gem that we dubbed, Giant Burgers & Catholicism. Rick had a burger and fries, while I went for the bean and cheese burrito which were quite tasty – and homemade to boot!

From here, we had our sights on Wold Renown Roswell. It lives in infamy as the location (not technically) of the alien crash landing that took place in 1947 and we’re former X-files believers. Naturally, we decided to pop into the Roswell UFO Museum which was reasonably informative from an Art Bell standpoint, but amazingly cheesy, complete with life-sized mockups of sightings, drawings from ‘fans’, and star charts. Stay tuned for pictures of Gregg (this will be explained in a photo tomorrow).

We’d had our alien fix and it was time to mess with Texas. Our long range goal of reaching Pecos had us deep into oil refining territory. The bleakness of the terrain is a little unsettling when you’re approaching dusk. In fact, the motel we’re staying into tonight, as well as the rest of the town, is 100% booked by “rig pigs” who are cashing in on the oil boom in this area.

Tomorrow, we are heading to Piedras Negras, which is on the border of Texas/Mexico. We’ll spend the night here in anticipation of crossing into Mexico on Saturday.

Buenos Noches
Sarah + Rick

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