Hello from The Best Western in Yakima, WA. It’s just after 8PM and to say we’re tired is an understatement. Once I’m done writing this post, I’ll give myself about 15min until I’m sound asleep.

Before I drift off, let me tell you about how the first day went. I (Sarah) am especially proud about how today went. I had a lot of firsts: first time riding on the highway over 80km/h, first time crossing the border on the bike, first time getting blasted by a big cross wind while being passed by huge trucks. You can see why I’m a little worn. But it was all fantastic. I pushed myself and it feels good. Grabbing life by the balls is why were here. Rick had his own firsts – most of which had to do with keeping an eye on me. However we’re in this together and every day is going to present something new.

When we left Vancouver this morning we had hoped it was early enough to avoid the line-ups at the border. Not so much. It was a 70 minute wait, BUT the beauty of having a bike is that sneaking along the shoulder is just a smidge more acceptable than a car. So we pretty much rode to the front of the line and managed to get through in about half an hour.

The roads were busy all day with people traveling for the Easter Weekend. We followed the I5 to Everett before getting onto HWY 2 South. HWY 2 was a much nicer pace and with views more scenic and meandering including small farms and graceful curves, lots of cute little towns and well manicured lawns. We stopped in North Bend, WA to have lunch at Tweeds Cafe, which was used as the famous diner in Twin Peaks. They have a wall of photos from the show and sell a cheesy map of Twin Peaks for $2 – well worth it for the Laura Palmer uberfan.

From there, it was back onto busy roads by way of I90 East. This route took us through The Cascades, passing through The Summit at Snoqualmie. There was some snow on the hill still, but the roads were bare and it was starting to warm up when the sun peaked through the clouds. Once we passed the peak and started to descend, the mountains turned into rolling hills that took on a landscape closer to Palm Springs than the Pacific Northwest. We welcomed the milder temperature, but could do without the extreme wind gusts. At least it was warm air though!

The road into Yakima is blasted through the hillside so as you drive and you are surrounded by rock and tall grasses. We arrived at the bottom of the valley and made our way close to the outskirts of town, where apparently other bikers like to stay (there are at least 7 other motorcycles parked with BC plates). If the day can’t get better, we checked into Best Western, everyone’s favourite hotelier, and headed across the parking lot to experience the local – Outback Steakhouse. Thank the lawd they had salad.

Hoping for a good nights sleep, we’re off to Boise, ID tomorrow. We have no idea where we’re staying, but mostly likely it will be another interstate motel with a snazzy themed restaurant. I’m not fussed though. The good stuff is coming up soon.

Sarah + Rick

6 thoughts on “Yakima

  1. Hi Guys. Sounds like you had a good first day. Maryann and Brian and I stayed overnight in Yakima on our way from Edmonton to California in 1984. It’s also the birthplace of former blue jays pitcher Todd Stottlemyre, FYI. 🙂
    Enjoy your trip. I’ll be reading your blog and monitoring your progress.
    Uncle Steve
    PS Don’t drink the water in Mexico!

    1. Yakima is not a place I need to return too anytime soon! Hahaha, but glad you managed to squeeze a baseball reference out of it. We also got a taste of some casino time in Nevada. There were some very colourful people hanging out at The Tropical in Wendover!
      Love Sarah + Rick

  2. Hey you two, great pics and I’m enjoying reading about your trip. I’ve been to Snoqualmie in the summertime, it must be gorgeous with snow on the mountains..
    Looking forward to the rest!

    1. Thanks Pops! Hope you’re keeping tabs on us via Instagram too. We are posting lots of fun pics every day. Love Sarah

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